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Professional Bad Men in Glasses.

Because your imaginary boyfriend is evil. And a geek.

Bad Men in Glasses
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Welcome to Bad Men in Glasses. If being bad and wearing glasses is something you look for in a man - or a woman - then this is the place for you. Post fic, art, discussion... anything you want as long as it's not totally boring.

We're slash/het/femmeslash/gen friendly. So deal. NC-17 material is acceptable, just keep it under a cut with a warning. When posting a story, make sure to put the title, fandom, and author's name in the subject line.

And, yes, we also like Bad Men in Sunglasses. You know, if you really like a Good Man in Glasses, we're cool with that, too.

If you're just joining us, introduce yourself. We want to eat get to know you.

Name or pseudonym you go by:
Your fandoms:
Do you wear glasses:
Favorite Bad Man (or Woman) in Glasses:
Who has the sexiest frames:

greekhoop is your mod and she is very smart and funny and cute. If you need to contact her, her email is the_interior_league@hotmail.com, and she can be reached on AIM at 'McNeko'.