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MWA HA HA HA! Intro to me... he he he... be4warned!

Name or pseudonym you go by: Neko-Chan, Ookami Neko, WolfKat, ... prety much anything you want ^^|
Website: T-T unfortunately none. *sigh*
Your fandoms: he he he... Saiyuki, Dragon Knights, Fake, Demon Diaries, X/1999, Gravitaion, Wiess, Yami No Matsuea, ect...ect...ect...
Do you wear glasses: Hai ^^ and they're cute ^^
Favorite Bad Man (or Woman) in Glasses: MURAKI! -^^- and Hakkai if he counts ^~
Who has the sexiest frames:... -^^- Muraki... and ... the chick from X... with the beast (T-T can never remember her name)

Konichiwa *bow* ^^ Neko-Chan here. -^^- hmmm. this looks like a happy place with fun death and destruction ^^ yay. *hearts* P.S... please excuse my spelling. I really can't spell T-T. Arigato *bow* I hope I can find something to contribute! ^^
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