patsy stone (theacidqueen) wrote in badmeninglasses,
patsy stone

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i <3 glasses!

Name or pseudonym you go by: i'm pretty much just amelia
Website: ehhhh journal cuz i'm too lazy to post any other!
Your fandoms: mostly fullmetal alchemist and hellsing manga. they're my ultimate none-too-secret secret obsessions.
Do you wear glasses: i wear rose tinted sunglasses
Favorite Bad Man (or Woman) in Glasses: my favorite ever so far is rip van from hellsing manga. i LOOOOVE her! LOVE! obsessive! oh my!
Who has the sexiest frames: that's tough. i have a huge glasses fetish. glasses and gloves. oooooo. i always kinda liked the wavy part of vash's glasses. but all glasses get me.
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