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22nd June 2010

badplanmobile4:20pm: Iconage - Jeffrey Combs - Re-Animator & DS9
OMG, I made icons! I do not do this enough. It is so fun. Anyway, here they are! A bunch of them are of Dr. Herbert West, a very, very bad man in ridiculous geeky 80s glasses, from Lovecraft's Re-Animator trilogy. More of them are of Weyoun, a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine character played by the same sextastic man, Jeffrey Combs. Weyoun does not wear glasses, though he is also quite bad. And has terrible eyesight.

Warnings: There's some gore. Also, theoretically there are spoilers in these, but I'd say the statute of limitations has long run out them.

How To Use: Credit if you take. Feel free to use blank ones as bases, but credit me if you do.

{16 Herbert West/Re-Animator}
{31 Weyoun/DS9}

Follow the fake cut...

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20th October 2009

elledesu7:22am: Name or pseudonym you go by: L

Website: My LJ

Your fandoms: Bakuman, Bleach, Cowboy Bebop, D.N.Angel, Death Note, Fake, Fruits Basket, Full Metal Panic!, Fullmetal Alchemist, Good Omens, Gravitation, HanaKimi, Harry Potter, Hellsing, Junjou Romantica, Loveless, Metalocolypse, Prince of Tennis, Saiyuki, Tokyo Babylon, Tsubasa, x/1999, xxxholic, Yami no Matsuei

Do you wear glasses: I sure do.

Favorite Bad Man (or Woman) in Glasses: Seishirou Sakurazuka

Who has the sexiest frames: Charles Foster Ofdensen

26th April 2008

mizugameza1:41am: Hello i'm new, and another thing....
Name or pseudonym you go by:
Website: The Ultimate Chessboard: Chaos Unraveled
Your fandoms: Everything. Too many to list.
Do you wear glasses: Yes.
Favorite Bad Man (or Woman) in Glasses: Hmm...Lezard from Valkyrie Profile.
Who has the sexiest frames: Everyone who wears glasses at all?

Also, I was wondering...
Do any of you like to roleplay? ...Are any of you interested in roleplaying an evil character who wears glasses? I have a roleplaying game that's in dire need of some antagonists, and I have a weakness for glasses. A total, utter weakness, so seeing some villains with glasses would make me happy. If you like to roleplay, and don't mind playing an antagonist, would you check us out?

For those who're interested...Collapse )

The reason it's bad guys only right now is because we have too many good guys. We need some villains!

...Villains, preferrably, with glasses.

4th January 2008

i found these glasses in a flat my friend moved into in poland. i'm assuming they belonged to the previous occupier, an elderly man who had passed away. i then got my own prescription put in them back in england (the opticians laughed when they saw them.)

i suppose i'm just trying to keep my carbon footprint down.

3rd July 2007

theacidqueen1:42am: a) it's been a while, and b) anyone else read bleach out there?
first, stupid story about my glasses: i've worn the same pair of pink glasses for about 5 years. the other day, my best friend was saying something so mind-numbing that i innocently hit my hand to my forehead, and in the process smashed my glasses! of course, by smashed, i mean i broke the side off and they fell from my face. we were all in shock. but a little krazy glue and they're back together. but geez. 5 years of injury-free glasses, and then sudden destruction because i have idiot friends!

also, uhhhh hello? THIS GUYCollapse ). from bleach. nice frames. also hair! hahaha.
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16th May 2007

vegeta_holic3:35pm: Intro post

Name or pseudonym you go by: Either: The Jester or Miki Xiao
Website: http://vegeta-holic.deviantart.com/
Your fandoms: I have way to many T_T||| ... Top 6(at the moment and not in order): Final Fantasy VII, D.Gray-Man, Bleach, Tales of The Abyss, Genshiken, Code Geass
Do you wear glasses: Yessirie. *shine*
Favorite Bad Man (or Woman) in Glasses: That would be Prof. Hojo from Final Fantasy VII. I'd take him over ANYONE. Ever. I don't care how old he is. D:
Who has the sexiest frames: Jade Curtiss from Tales of The Abyss. Definately.
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25th December 2006

heartbeeps4:20am: good people, this is a request for help. i found my dream spectacles online, but i need to know where i can purchase a pair. i attach an image of said spectacles (click to enlarge). If you could help me in any way in finding my own pair of these splendid eyewear, i will forever be in your debt.

Free Image Hosting by FreeImageHosting.net

apologies if i'm breaking any rules. cross-posted.

4th December 2006

safire_griffon2:11am: It looks like everybody stopped posting here kind of a while ago, but what the heck, I'll introduce myself anyhow!

Name or pseudonym you go by: Safire
Website: none really . . .just my page here and one at fanfiction.net
Your fandoms: A lot, but my major ones are Final Fantasy VIII and X, Saiyuki, and kingdom hearts (painfully short on men in glasses, that one).
Do you wear glasses: Yes
Favorite Bad Man (or Woman) in Glasses: Subject to change without notice, but at the moment it's Ni Jianyi from Saiyuki. I just read the "Burial" arc in the manga and he is mind-stalking me.
Who has the sexiest frames: Hakkai/Tenpou, when he's actually wearing *glasses* and not the monocle.
Current Mood: chipper

20th April 2006

theacidqueen5:05am: haha oh no i'm posting again!
because i made a new icon dedicated to the smexiness of enrico maxwell of hellsing manga! somehow the first time i read it, i totally overlooked him and his glasses. but now...oh my...
Current Mood: tired

31st March 2006

theacidqueen2:50am: i <3 glasses!
Name or pseudonym you go by: i'm pretty much just amelia
Website: ehhhh journal cuz i'm too lazy to post any other!
Your fandoms: mostly fullmetal alchemist and hellsing manga. they're my ultimate none-too-secret secret obsessions.
Do you wear glasses: i wear rose tinted sunglasses
Favorite Bad Man (or Woman) in Glasses: my favorite ever so far is rip van from hellsing manga. i LOOOOVE her! LOVE! obsessive! oh my!
Who has the sexiest frames: that's tough. i have a huge glasses fetish. glasses and gloves. oooooo. i always kinda liked the wavy part of vash's glasses. but all glasses get me.
Current Mood: anxious

8th January 2006

rem_kitty9:15pm: Name or pseudonym you go by: Rem or Bex
Website: http://littlebluebone.bravehost.com my personal site
Your fandoms: All yaoi, final fantasy 7, cat girl stuff, invader zim, fosters home for imaginary friends
Do you wear glasses: Nope but my bishi boyfriend does ^_~
Favorite Bad Man (or Woman) in Glasses: Ryoki Tachibana is my ultimate fav
Who has the sexiest frames: Ryoki Tachibana (hot gimmick), Souma Kojiro (tokyo revelation), Luel Reinhardt (under the glass moon)

29th July 2005

hakkai_duo3:18pm: Hiya!! Newness!
Name or pseudonym you go by: HakkaiDuo, or just Duo for short.
Website: um I have two My Journal and My deviantart though I have yet to draw any men in glasses...
Your fandoms: Anime. TONS Um.. Though my favorites of the moment are Gundam Wing, Full Metal Alchemist, and Samurai Champloo. Oh and Hot Gimmick can't forget the Hot Gimmick. I love a ton more, if your curious you can always ask me ^.^ If anyone wants to IM on Aim, my screen name is Freekahtwerk
Do you wear glasses: reading glasses, my eyes go crosseyed when i concentrate.
Favorite Bad Man (or Woman) in Glasses:hmmmm toughie. I guess I have to say Gene from Champloo (though he's not really bad..) and Ryoki from Hot Gimmick.
Who has the sexiest frames: Chang Wufei. Actually thats only in fanart of him drawn with glasses...-.-;; but um.. lesse.. Ryoki from Hot Gimmick I guess my answer is.
hehe that was fun ^.^
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16th July 2005

hatake_iruka1:00pm: Newness
Name or pseudonym you go by: Iruka (or iruka-sensei)
Website: http//:rose.prince.utena.sheezyart.com
Your fandoms: anything really
Do you wear glasses: only in cosplay
Favorite Bad Man (or Woman) in Glasses: x-x there's too many, but i'll haveta go with Yakushi Kabuto
Who has the sexiest frames: dr.nii from gensomaden saiyuki

4th July 2005

sk_chan9:55pm: Glasses fiends!
Name or pseudonym you go by: SK-chan
Website: http://www.livejournal.com/users/sk_chan/
Your fandoms: Anime...too many to list.
Do you wear glasses: Nope, but anime guys in glasses=smex.
Favorite Bad Man (or Woman) in Glasses: I've got two. Greed from Full Metal Alchemist and Tatsumi from Yami no Matsuei.
Who has the sexiest frames: Kabuto from Naruto. ;)
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24th February 2005

zoi_zmva2:46am: spectacles community — wicked_glass

If someone do not know yet. It was opened spectacles community — wicked_glass. Retro spectacles, unusual spectacles, super spectacles, spectacles histories, spectacles design, spectacles in lifes society and individual. Join! And tell others.

1st February 2005


Name or pseudonym you go by:Derrah
Your fandoms: Desperate Housewives,Holes,Harry Potter,etc.
Do you wear glasses:Yes, and I wear contacts too.
Favorite Bad Man (or Woman) in Glasses: Zach Young on Desperate Housewives because blackmailing your father is sexy.   
Who has the sexiest frames: See above (I'm obsessed with the show). 

30th December 2004

ladyxenax3:50pm: Hello
Name or pseudonym you go by: Angry Princess

Website: Angry Princess Japan Fanfiction

Your fandoms: anime - Weiss Kreuz, Yami No Matsuei, Fake, Hellsing; other - Duran Duran, Japan, Ultravox, Harry Potter

Do you wear glasses: Nope but I want to

Favorite Bad Man (or Woman) in Glasses: Crawford

Who has the sexiest frames: Crawford
Current Mood: cheerful

6th October 2004

wolfkat45:51am: MWA HA HA HA! Intro to me... he he he... be4warned!
Name or pseudonym you go by: Neko-Chan, Ookami Neko, WolfKat, ... prety much anything you want ^^|
Website: T-T unfortunately none. *sigh*
Your fandoms: he he he... Saiyuki, Dragon Knights, Fake, Demon Diaries, X/1999, Gravitaion, Wiess, Yami No Matsuea, ect...ect...ect...
Do you wear glasses: Hai ^^ and they're cute ^^
Favorite Bad Man (or Woman) in Glasses: MURAKI! -^^- and Hakkai if he counts ^~
Who has the sexiest frames:... -^^- Muraki... and ... the chick from X... with the beast (T-T can never remember her name)

Konichiwa *bow* ^^ Neko-Chan here. -^^- hmmm. this looks like a happy place with fun death and destruction ^^ yay. *hearts* P.S... please excuse my spelling. I really can't spell T-T. Arigato *bow* I hope I can find something to contribute! ^^
Current Mood: hungry

3rd October 2004

torquemadman12:44pm: Obligatory introduction
Name or pseudonym you go by: lopt
Website: http://asgard.250free.com Sorry for the abscense of formatting.
Your fandoms: active - 'Saint Seiya'; inactive - X, Tokyo Babylon, Rayearth, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Discworld, etc, etc, and more etc...
Do you wear glasses: yep.
Favorite Bad Man (or Woman) in Glasses: Bill Gates, Fuuma Monou. I'm also fond of Eudial of 'Witches 5' from 'Sailor Moon S'. :)
Who has the sexiest frames: Fuuma Monou in vol. 16
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